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Overview of Web Sites: - Community Living Centers & CLC - Home Units
America is at a crossroads. Most Americans have little confidence in our future and fear for our economic future. Most American cities are suffering huge budget deficits. America is becoming a country of rich and poor. This can change. How we deal with poverty is of utmost importance. Most American cities have huge populations of poor. We have become accustomed to this as we have no other alternative to poverty. My idea, I believe, would help us restore our cities, create an economic boom in America and give Americans hope that there is a better future. CLC's - an Alternative to Poverty Other Than Our Cities. - Clean Up New York City Garbage
New Yorkers have grown accustomed to the garbage. It is true, in midtown areas where there are active BIDs, the garbage is contained quite nicely. However, even in these neighborhoods, the problem exists that there is a constant abundance of large black garbage bags that line the sidewalk once, twice or three times a week waiting for pickup at some point in the future. - Sugar Hill Art Center
History and photos of the Art Center I opened in October, 2001 (great timing!) in Harlem. - Gallery Donald Weiss
Current exhibition "Times They are a Changin" is a commentary on Community Living Centers & CLC - Home Units The Gallery is located in the Sugar Hill Arts Building, 3664A Broadway, NYC. The gallery is open by Appointment Only - Better U.S. Schools - In most, if not all, school districts in America, if a student can not complete an academic path, he or she is so disencouraged that they drop out, or they are not allowed to graduate. This leaves a huge population that is not prepared to earn a living only because they did not get, or were not capable to understand, the academics. - Better 411
Phone companies are not required to share their 411 listings! So, if I call 411 to my cell phone provider, T Mobil, they mostly do not have numbers requested because listings are not shared & most probably the phone company of the number I need was done through another phone company. Brilliant! Congress must legislate the sharing of 411 data bases so we can be an informed population.
The Shared 411 Data Base Act of 2009! Progress comes to America! Donald Weiss. - DSWeiss Photography
A site featuring the full display of a variety of photographs taken by Donald S. Weiss. - Pollès / Nathanel
The 9 feet tall sculpture of Nathanel by Pollès was completed in 1977. The history of Pollès is perhaps a familiar story. Born and raised in Paris, Pollès was in medical school, primarily to please his parents, but his passion was not there. In his last year, against the will of his father, Pollès left medical school and soon after left Paris and moved to Pietrasanta, Italy to become an artist. - Why Zoning?
Paris and London do not have zoning! It is considered part of American culture. But it prevents natural change. Why not do as these two great cities do and allow existing property to be used for its best use. This allows for good development - the market knows best! To think, as in NYC, that someone 50 years ago knew exactly what was the best use of every space then, and 50 years later, is preposterous. New development should be “directed” by government. Trump's 1st Ave tower scars the NYC skyline, but was built withing zoning regulations - neighborhoods should be able to restrict unreasonable structures - Downtown LA Gentrification
Downtown LA is the same as many American cities in many ways - it has seen its better day. The poor are the primary shoppers and occupy many of the once glorious hotels. Their presence on the streets is abundant. In many way, however, downtown LA is different from many other American cities. Most of the beautiful buildings are still intact. When they were built they were used by the “gentry” for shopping and offices. Upscale stores were common. Today the shopping still exists, but it is stores selling cheap merchandise to a primarily poor client. The buildings are used mostly for manufacturing. - Committee For Raiotnal Housing Laws & Economic Development in NYC & NY State (When can we, as New Yorkers, discuss the significant aspect of the Rent Stabilization Law - it ostensibly prevents change and has “cemented” in NY Cities population base at it’s historically lowest economic level! Rent Stabilization ostensibly prevents change and Has “cemented” in NYC’s population base at its lowest socio-economic level historically. The life time rights to rent apartments that the poor people have that replaced the middle class when they fled NYC has taken off the housing market about one half of NYC’s rental housing stock. This massive change in supply has created higher rents for the middle class and narrowed their choices of where thy feel comfortable living. - Committee For a New America
(Would it be moral to allow our American cities to become middle class again and, if so, what do we do with the poor? We have come to accept that, in America, we house and care for the poor in our great cities. My suggestion for change can be found on this site and the website - Guns Vs. Marijuana
There is a link for people to list those who have lost from murder by a gun and mass murders that have taken place in America. Surely abolishing the loss of life and pain inflicted on loved ones and friends is more important than the right for individuals to have their guns for their own "protection", because they "like guns" or to comply with the 2nd Amendment (times do change!) - No More Pennies!
Why do we need them? Why not get a final number, then round up or down to the nearest nickel? Get rid of them now. - Cell Phones and Databases
We are dysfunctional in America. In most other countries, including China, cell phones operate by satellite dishes - reception is excellent. In America, we use towers - reception is terrible! And calling information — T Mobil, Verizon, etc., etc. - they all have their own data bases and do not share information. Clever! There should be a way to coordinate data bases so one can get a telephone number from whatever phone one is calling from even though the number listed might have been registered with another phone company. 555 West 151st Street, NYC
The apartment house that Donald Weiss has owned for 33 years. It was the location for Sugar Hill Art Center, opened in October, 2001 (bad timing) and the current, Polles' monumental sculpture, Nathanael, is currently residing at the Gallery.